Set up DMARC

Try G Suite Free Set up DMARC while not required to send mail successfully we recommend you set up dmarc to further protect your email accounts from spam spoofing and phishing dmarc or domain-based message authentication reporting and conformance helps you manage messages that are checked by spf and dkim when a message doesn’t pass … Read more

What is DMARC?

Try G Suite Free What is DMARC? dmarc is another layer of email authentication that protects your users from forged emails that can slip by spf and dkim it verifies that the sender identity the recipient sees matches the identity that’s shown to the receiving server dmarc lets you control what happens to messages from … Read more

Set up SPF

Try G Suite Free Set up SPF The first step to setting up your SPF is to create your TXT record. A TXT record defines the mail servers that are allowed to send mail for your domain. A single domain can have only one TXT record for SPF. However, the SPF TXT record for a … Read more