New table templates and dropdown chips in Google Docs

You can use dropdown chips to easily indicate the status of your document or various project milestones outlined in your document. There are two default dropdown options: Project Status, which includes selections for “Not Started”, “Blocked”, “In Progress” and “Complete” Review Status, which includes selections for “Not Started”, “In Progress”, “Under Review” and “Approved”. Additionally, … Read more

Set up host controls and assign co-hosts ahead of meetings in Google Calendar

In addition to setting up Google Meet breakout rooms in advance in Google Calendar, meeting organizers can also: Turn meeting safety features on or off, such as chat lock, present lock, and more. Designate co-hosts before the meeting. We hope that by allowing meeting hosts to pre-configure additional settings and assign co-hosts, meetings can flow … Read more

Intelligent corrections for formulas in Google Sheets

Now, you can write formulas faster and with higher confidence with formula corrections. These intelligent, context-aware corrections help you improve and troubleshoot many different kinds of formulas. Some examples include: VLOOKUP errors Missing cells in range input Locking ranges when applying formulas across cells Whenever you insert a formula that Sheets detects may be improved, … Read more

Additional improvements for Google Meet

Two improvements for Google Meet: Prompts to exit meetings when you’re the only user in a meeting. A centralized location for host management controls. See below for more information. Who’s impacted End users Why you’d use it Leave empty call reminders  Now, when you’re the only person in a meeting for five minutes, you’ll receive … Read more